Bft also simplifies Urban & Building Automation: discover the Maxima Ultra 36 barrier range.

The Maxima Ultra 36 range is designed for high usage traffic barrier solutions. It is ideal for large parking lots, motorway and industrial sites from 2 m to 6 m wide and can be installed in various environments. With its inverters and three-phase asynchronous motor, Maxima Ultra 36 has fluid and smooth movements.

The cabinet can be opened from the top, front and back, offering installers maximum accessibility. In addition, Maxima Ultra 36 is compatible with U-Link, and so can be programmed and its parameters checked remotely.

This product is equipped with an important feature, a LED light crown system that can function as traffic light, parking lot control and diagnostics. The LED can make maintenance quicker as the type of intervention needed or the issue to be corrected is indicated by a specific color displayed on the light crown.

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