Discover the Bft range of electromechanical operators for residential swing gates.

There is a Bft electromechanical swing gate for every residential location. These automations are able to operate gates of up to 500 kg in weight and 5 m in length, and are completely dependable. The range includes irreversible operators (such as Phobos and Kustos), operators with articulated arms (such as Virgo and E5) and underground motors (Eli).

In particularly difficult locations, as for example when the swing gate is close to pillars or peripheral walls, Virgo’s sliding arm allows installation with a reduced angulation of maneuver. The ELI range of underground operators are ideal for situations where the  gate motor has to be concealed to provide the elegance of the clean lines of the swing gates, as is required in prestigious buildings.

Discover Bft’s operators