U-Link: the technological ecosystem that links with U-Base and U-Prog.

Bft’s mission is to create innovative technological solutions that will provide installers with professional products and end users with greater independence. Bft has developed U-Link, the exclusive interconnectivity platform that creates technological ecosystems in which automation devices can interact.

If you need to program and manage multiple client installations, U-Base software is the solution for you. With a B-EBA (WiFi, Bluetooth o TCP/IP) gateway expansion card connected to the control panel, U-Base interfaces remotely by WiFi with the Bft control panels compatible with U-Link.

With U-Base you can manage all your clients’ remote controls from your office, reducing intervention time, and increasing your capacity for managing multiple clients (e.g. apartment blocks).

Bft’s interconnectivity potential is enhanced with U-Prog, the programmer for remote controls and receivers that communicates with U-Base. With U-Prog and U-Base remote controls can be programmed easily using various modes.

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