Hide SL Smart, the new invisible operator for sliding gates in the residential area.

Bft is starting 2021 with a product for the residential area, HIDE SL SMART. The new range of 24V operators come in two versions. The A150 is for gate leafs up to 150kg and the A300 for gate leafs up to 300kg, both with a speed of 11m/min.

Hide SL Smart has been designed for residential environments where the automation is required to be invisible: the motor is built into the column supporting the gate, and is hidden from view. The automation comes complete with its control panel, and is equipped with back-up batteries so that it will continue to operate  during a power failure.

Hide SL Smart is compatible with the B-Eba Wifi card, which provides access to all the advantages of Bft’s interconnectivity. For example, with U-Base software the installer can set up and manage the automation from a remote location, while with the U-Control app, the end-user can open and close the gate remotely.

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