Ares and Icaro: Bft’s ‘Veloce’ operators are now available in two new versions with an operating speed of 18 m/min.

Bft presents two new motors in its range of automation products for fast sliding gates: ARES VELOCE SMART BT A1000 and ICARO VELOCE SMART AC A2000.

Ares Veloce Smart, is a new 24V version for gates weighing up to 1000 kg,and Icaro Veloce Smart, a 230V operator for gates weighing up to 2000 kg. Theyare now available and can reach a new operating speed of 18 m/min. This means that sliding gates can open and close much faster which is useful for intensive and very intensive situations, particularly in commercial and industrial settings.

Both operators are U-Link compatible, Bft’s interconnectivity protocol that enables the automation products to communicate with each other and connects them to smartphones, tablets and personal computers. In addition, the automation products can be easily managed remotely using U-Base software.