Bft launches the new E5 swing gate operator.

The E5 operator is an extremely compact non-locking electromechanical 24V opener suitable for pedestrian and vehicle swing gates. The new E5 has been designed to make installation easy where space is at a minimum and when a professional installer is working alone.

The opener is available in two versions:

E5 BT A12, for pedestrian gates up to 1.2m in length and 80kg in weight;
E5 BT A18, for driveway gates up to 1.8m in length and 100kg in weight.

The multi-disk clutch can improve the safety of the installation and the absolute encoder helps to manage the leaf movement making the braking phases reliable and precise. The built-in D-Track technology ensures that the torque is constantly adjusted to the minimum level necessary for maneuvering so that the installation functions at the optimum level.

This highly versatile operator can be installed in almost any residential environment, apartment block or commercial site. Its compact design and appearance is consistent with Bft’s stylish product range. Installing the E5 means you are giving your clients a secure opener, which complies with norm EN16005, and which has the highest opening and closing speed of its category (from 4.5 to 6.5 seconds, depending on the weight of the leaf).

The E5 is ideal for manual pedestrian gates equipped with an electric snap-lock. It offers many control options for users, who can open the gate automatically from inside the building by pressing a button on the intercom, or via a Smartphone or remote control (a specific key can be added to the remote control that operates the driveway gate), or by simply entering a code on a numerical key pad.

The E5 BT A12 also has the exclusive PUSH&GO function; when pushed briefly by hand it recognizes that the user wants to enter and completes the maneuver automatically.