BFT launches a new range of 24V Eli underground operators.

Bft has expanded its range of 24v electromechanical underground motors to include the Eli BT A35 Veloce (fast) and the Eli BT A40. Both operators are equipped with a relative encoder for more precision in movement and a simpler mounting for the linkage arm which requires no bolts to fit.

ELI BT A35 VELOCE is a brand new fast low voltage operator designed for intensive use. The operator opens to 90° in 10 seconds, reducing waiting time. The Eli BT A35 Veloce can operate gates weighing up to 200kg per leaf at 2.5 metres, or 100kg per leaf at 3.5 metres. The operator is available now.

ELI BT A40, is a low voltage operator specifically designed for extremely intensive use. The Eli BT A40 has a maximum leaf length of 4m and can operate gates up to 500kg. The new crown in XECARB composite carbon fiber reinforced polymers support heavy gates, reducing mechanical wear and tear and so extending the durability of the product. The Eli BT A40 will be available soon.

The entire Eli range is fitted with D-Track technology, which ensures that the level of the torque is consistently optimal, keeping the installation safer and operational whatever the weather, the temperature or the degree of mechanical wear and tear.

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