Automate pedestrian and vehicular swing gates with E5 BT A.

E5 BT A is the 24V electromechanical operator for swing gates for pedestrian and vehicular use. E5 BT A is extremely compact and versatile: it can be installed even where there is very little space for manoeuvre and its articulated arm can open the leaf up to an angle of 130°. It can be installed easily even by one person working alone.

Installing E5 BT A is made even simpler by Thalia and Thalia P, the control panels which have a digital display. These units are fitted with terminal blocks which are colour-coded and have a standardized numbering system.

E5 BT A is available in two versions:

E5 BT A 12, for pedestrian gates up to 1.2 m in length, and 80 kg in weight;

E5 BT A 18, for vehicular gates up to 1.8 m in length, and 100 kg in weight.

To discover all the specifications and advantages of this operator, watch the video on the Bft YouTube channel.

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