Introducing Giotto Ultra 36, barrier.

The Giotto Ultra 36 is a new electromechanical barrier for intensive and highly intensive usage. The booms are available from 2 to 6m in length, making it ideal for use in largeparking areas, motorway tolls and industrial sites.

The new range, can be installed in a variety of environments, providing a greater fluidity and rapid movement. Depending on the length of the boom, opening and closing speed ranges from 2.2 to 4 secs. Installation and maintenance are made easier by the configuration and the new, more compact gear motor that provides maximum accessibility for installers. It is compatible with U-Link, so can be accessed by Parking and Building Management systems and programming and  parameter controls can be managed remotely.

Giotto Ultra 36 has a wide range of accessories that facilitate its installation in any environment. The Giotto Ultra 36 is not yet available in the UK.

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